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14 August – Independence Day of Pakistan

Human beings are social and want to relate to each other. We crave for relations, we build relations, we nurture relations and we cherish relations. It is a lifelong quest which is also the essence of life.

A relation, be it with our Creator, or with our Beloved Pakistan, or with our fellow human beings, is based upon and desires three fundamental factors. These are also interconnected and interrelated.

  1. To appreciate what we receive from a relation, to value it and feel grateful for it, builds, nurtures and sustains relations. It is now universally accepted that gratitude is so important that it must be learnt consciously. The entire thesis of Rhonda Byrne, founder of The Secret is based upon gratitude. Gratitude gives rise to positive emotions, positive feelings, positive thinking and positive energy. Gratitude brings contentment and motivates to do even better. Gratitude is appreciated and reciprocated by the giver by giving more. We have a million reasons to be grateful to Pakistan. It gives us the most precious thing on earth, Freedom. Pakistan gives us space and opportunity to exploit our potential to its fullest. Pakistan provides us security and safety to live in peace. Pakistan gives us identity to stand among the nations of the world. Pakistan gives us huge natural resources, vast agriculture lands, deep water reservoirs, beautiful green valleys, snow-capped mountains, golden plains, colorful cultures, diverse people, and a tradition of hospitality, love and accommodation. Pakistan is the most valuable thing we have. No amount of Gratitude is enough to pay back to Pakistan, so we must keep paying. Our gratitude should show in all that we do for Pakistan in order to make it better and more beautiful.
  2. Staying committed is loyalty. There may be difficult times in a relation, but loyalty helps us to withstand and keep united. Loyalty motivates us to do our best for the object of our love. Loyalty makes us to listen with undivided attention and do with unflinching effort. Loyalty breeds confidence and gives us courage to face the world. When we travel around the world, study, work, we have the security of our homeland behind. We know we can go back whenever we want. It is such a great feeling, comforting and inspiring at the same time. Loyalty adds to positive emotions. Loyalty helps us to see everything in positive light, it helps us to sustain in low times and remain steadfast in high times. Loyalty is the lifeline of relations. Loyalty is unconditional, unreserved, unbound, unlimited and unending.
  3. It is a fact that the more we give, the more we receive; the less we give, the less we receive. A relationship strengthens if the people in it focus on giving rather than receiving. It is the hallmark of being loyal and feeling grateful. Mothers are the greatest givers in this world. Mothers give love, affection, care, service to their children without asking for anything in return. Motherlands are the same, always giving, never asking for anything in return. Pakistan has given us treasure upon treasure. It is our part to see what and how we can give back. From a small act of kindness for people around us to big things, the ways to give are numerous and many. Every moment is moment to give. Giving is an attitude, a habit, a spirit and a running theme.

Independence Day Today is for soul searching. Where we are on the Scale of Gratitude, Loyalty and Giving, and What Should we do to Keep Sliding Up.




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