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This is a special series of Blogs which describes my time and experiences during Hajj this year.

Part 42

DAY 43 – 01 September 2019 – 02 Muharram 1441

Aziziya – Haram Shareef

I spent the night at Haram Shareef. Did Tawaf several times but could not muster up encourage to do Tawaf e Widaa, till Fajr came upon me.

Finally, I did Tawaf e Widaa after Fajr prayer. How it was done and what happened is too personal to share.

For the last several days, I had a fixed routine. I would enter Haram Shareef from Malik Fahad Gate (no.79); put my shoes in shoe box no.48 and went to Mataf.

I like Bab al Fahd for a long time. As soon as you enter, you can start seeing Ka’aba tul Musharrafah.

After Tawaf e Widaa, and whatever I could pray, I requested formally for permission to leave. Going from Mataf to Bab al Fahd, I stopped many times, reverted to have one more glimpse of Ka’aba tul Musharrafah. It was heavy to go.

I was repeating this prayer till I got out of Bab al Fahd.

“My Lord! Please allow me to leave. Please send your blessings to accompany me. Please grant permission to return early. Please grant the blessed opportunity again. Please keep me filled with the desire to come back. Please provide me with the resources to come back.” Aameen.

The separation finally happened.

I came back to building somehow and fell on the bed.

My roommates handed over my luggage to cargo carriers without disturbing me. They were all caring people.

May Allah accept all our good deeds and bless us with His Bountiful Rewards. Aameen.

Part 43

DAY 44 – 02 September 2019 – 02 Muharram 1441 [Pakistan]

Aziziya – Jeddah – Lahore

Our flight PK 760 was scheduled to depart from Jeddah at 3.50am.

We reached airport about eight hours ahead of flight time. Virtually everyone was carrying excess baggage, but most were accommodated as a courtesy. Some had to make partial payments.

The flight departed dot-on-time and reached Lahore 10 minutes before arrival time.

Collected luggage. Reached home. Alhamdulillah.

Airport was teeming with the people who had come to receive their Hajis. Everyone was happy. There was an abundance of flowers and hugs and smiles.

Allah is Most Benevolent. It was His Kindness and Mercy that we were able to complete all Manasik e Hajj easily and conveniently. And that He Blessed us with the greatest Blessing of Hajj. Allah be Praised.

May Allah give us the mettle and strength to keep this Great Blessing upon us. Aameen.


  1. Very spiritual n so emotional it would be so difficult to say salam e Aakhir to Ka’aba tul Musharifa.

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