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This is a special series of Blogs which describes my time and experiences during Hajj this year.

A Common Man’s Hajj – Day to Day Recount of Hajj 2019 – Asrar Qureshi – Last Part

Closing Words

Qur’an says. Surah Aal e Imran; verse 97. “…… And [due] to Allah from the peoples is a pilgrimage to the House – for whoever is able to find thereto a way. But whoever disbelieves – then indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds”.

Hadith says that the Reward of Mabroor (accepted) Hajj is Jannah.

How do know if our Hajj was accepted or not?

There are several traditions but there is a general consensus on following points.

  1. The sincerity with which one went for Hajj, should keep prevailing. The running passion to do good during Hajj days would continue; rather the intent to do good would become firmer. The sincerity also demands that unnecessarily made up and exaggerated accounts of Hajj would not be told to impress others.
  2. During Hajj, our main emphasis remained on asking for Allah’s Forgiveness. We repented on our sins and committed to stay away from all such things. This commitment would be showing itself in our daily lives. The mind would be inclined towards good deeds and repulsive against bad deeds.
  3. The overall way of life would improve; dealings would be fairer, honest and truthful. The urge to perform Ibadaat would remain strong.

It is beyond doubt that all pilgrims go with the permission of Allah. Allah provides opportunity to us to repent on past life, seek His Forgiveness and make reforms for future life. This is the spirit of Hajj and is followed by all pilgrims. There may be individual variations, but that is between Allah and His subject.

May Allah Help us to make our lives better and honor our commitments earnestly. Aameen.

Before I started writing the manuscript, I asked Allah’s Permission to do so. On every day of writing, I have asked for Allah’s Guidance to enable me to say the right thing; and His Forgiveness if I made a mistake.

There is absolutely no intent here to criticize anyone; and even more so, to hurt anyone. Even then, if anyone feels hurt in any way after reading this, I apologize sincerely, humbly and unconditionally.

Allah is always especially Kind to me, and my gratitude is too small to match His Benevolence. I like it because it should be this way. He is the Lord; I am the subject. How dare I even think of matching my gratitude with His Blessings?

I have raised several points, which I pray, and hope shall be taken in the right context and our effort to get the most from Hajj shall be better.

I pray that Allah Blesses us all with the Greatest Blessing of Hajj. Aameen

Some Personal Suggestions

Based on personal experiences and observations, I make these suggestions.

Before Hajj

  1. If the intent for Hajj is born, nurture it to make it firm
  2. Think about what would you want to achieve from Hajj; or simply, why do you want to go for Hajj?
  3. Get one authentic book on Hajj; its Process, Manasiks, Prohibitions etc. Read it fully and repeatedly. If you cannot read, ask a young person to read it aloud for you.
  4. Complete all formalities of Hajj yourself or under your supervision
  5. If you do not pray five times regularly, initiate the effort to do so
  6. If you pray regularly already, make effort to pray in the masjid
  7. If you are already a regular in the masjid five times a day, make effort to start praying Tahajjud (Qiyam ul Layl). Allah shall make it easy for you, InShaAllah.
  8. Practice controlling your temper
  9. Strive to increase tolerance, self-control and endurance
  10. Give alms. Do charity. If Allah has given you big resources, give big. If these are limited, give small; even pennies, but do give.
  11. Start some kind of physical exercise; particularly walking.


During Hajj

  1. Take minimum baggage with you; what you would really need
  2. Do not take costly items with you; expensive watches, mobiles, jewelry etc. You would keep worrying about their safekeeping and the Ibadaat will be disturbed
  3. Treat people decently and nicely. Give them space
  4. Keep your focus on the Primary Purpose; Hajj. Keep away from unnecessary and useless activities
  5. Take good care of your health
  6. Eat properly, on time and enough. Keep balance.
  7. Take your medicines regularly and timely, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure or other long-term ailments. Do not pay attention to those who claim that their diabetes has miraculously healed after coming to Harmain Shareefain; and they can eat half kilo dates at one time. Remember, Allah is Almighty, All Powerful and All Merciful; but He does not go against nature’s principles.
  8. Take enough rest. Do not exert more than your body allows. Allah does not want to put anyone in difficulty beyond his or her limit.
  9. Spend most of the time in Ibadaat.


After Coming Back

  1. Share your Hajj experience, but in a way that it would create desire in the hearts of listeners to go there.
  2. Talk less about difficulties of Hajj; even if you had had to face some particular problem. Talking more and more about difficulties is being ungrateful
  3. Talk more and more about the Blessings of Hajj
  4. Make prayer for all those who come to visit you. Allah has given you special privilege. Your prayers are likely to be heard more closely.
  5. Distribute the gifts which you brought from there quickly so that the intended receivers get it and enjoy it.
  6. Remember the commitments you made to Allah to change your life. Refresh it every day.
  7. Pay gratitude to Allah for the good deeds you do; seek His Help to stay away from bad deeds
  8. Participate in good deeds for others, and for the society
  9. Maintain the regularity of prayers in the same way that you did before Hajj.
  10. Continue giving alms and doing charity.

End of Manuscript

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  1. What a beautiful n meaningful message you have given to all who are eager to go for Hajj, the good deeds n bad deeds, what should we do to please our Lords and which acts displease Him, I have read all the parts of you blog n it inspires me more to ask ALLAH’s permission to go for Hajj e Baitullah, May Almighty grant my humble request and permit me to go there Aameen.

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