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My Very Dear Blog Readers!

I started posting the series ‘A Common Man’s Hajj’ over two months ago. As per standard routine of Pharma Veterans, the posts were published three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The series generated a lot of interest and following. I received lots of positive comments. I am sincerely thankful to all of you for steadfast following and very nice comments.

During this time period, this series had become part of my life and I understand, part of many others’ lives also. Now, that the series is completed, I feel a void. Some of you may be feeling the same way.

With today’s Blog Post I wish to acknowledge the support I received and pay my gratitude.

MY FIRST AND FOREMOST GRATITUDE IS TO ALLAH. It was His Grand Blessing that I could write this. You will see as you read, how He made ways for all the next steps. Allah is Most Benevolent and Kind. Allah is Beyond and Above our humanly gratitude; it is for us that He has created provision for gratitude.

I mentioned couple of times that the original manuscript was in Urdu which I wrote there; over 90% while sitting in Mataf and directly seeing Ka’aba tul Musharrafah. I created the English version primarily for the Pharma Veterans Blog Site, and also for many younger people who feel more comfortable in reading English.

Pharma Veterans was created and registered by me in September 2017. Blogs publication started from November 2017.

During July 2019, few days before I was scheduled to depart for Hajj, my old friend and Pharma colleague Kamran Saeed called me and came to see me. He said he had somehow reached and liked to idea. He suggested to put more energy in spreading the idea.

Kamran Saeed is true to his name; he is Kamran (conquering) and Saeed (auspicious). I thanked him and instantly agreed with him. Knowing his energy and diversity, I knew he could do a lot. I told him about my plan for Hajj. We concluded that the activity would start immediately after I return InshaAllah.

I returned on September 2. Next day, Kamran called me, congratulated me and told me he had set up the first meeting of Pharma Veterans Group on September 7. It would be a celebration for my Hajj and initiation of the Pharma Veterans Group. He had invited some very senior Pharma Executives to become members. In addition, he had invited Mr. Qasim Ali Shah, the most popular motivational speaker currently. He is also running Qasim Ali Shah Foundation.

We met as per plan and had lively discussions over the next hour and a half. Over refreshments afterwards, I asked Qasim Ali Shah, if the Foundation did some publishing work? He said yes; a lot. I told him about my Hajj Manuscript. He was kind and asked me to contact him immediately. Next week, I called him, and he connected me with his printer and publisher. The gentleman running this effort, Kashan Tariq is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kashan took the hand-written manuscript and did all that had to be done. The book was published couple of weeks ago.


My profound Gratitude goes to Kamran Saeed who connected me with Qasim Ali Shah to trigger the next events.

My sincere Gratitude goes to Qasim Ali Shah who extended his support to me, an unknown person, so generously and swiftly.

My affectionate Gratitude goes to Kashan Tariq who is so thoughtful and charitable. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

My wholehearted Gratitude goes to All of You who read it through and through and loved it and posted your reactions and comments.

My heartfelt prayers are for you, now and always. May Allah Bless you with His Best Blessings. Aameen.

The book is primarily intended for presenting freely. If any revenue does get generated, it will be used for printing next edition.

I bow to Allah in Gratitude. He has made this wonderful thing happen. And I know He Shall spread its reach also. InshaAllah.

Allah Bless you all and always. Aameen.



  1. In sha ALLAH, your beautiful and easy way to take the reader along is so inspiring and this book for sure will grab everybody’s attention. Every common man would love to read this book and gets much more knowledge about Hajj, thanks a lot for providing us this privilege.

  2. Congratulations to publish said book for better understanding of lay man, how to perform Hajj. In addition, thanks to memorize all minasiks of Hajj which i performed in 2009. After reading Hajj blogs, I wish to go again for Hajj in coming year. Remember in your prayers. Stay blessed

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