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COVID-19 changed into COVID-20 and is continuing as COVID-21. The end seems near and then moves away. Here is an update about Pakistan, as reported on social media. Government data must be the basis of this information.

Latest updates Pakistan – 4th July 2021

New Cases       1,228

Deaths             29

Tests                47,832

Positivity         2.57%

The cynics among us keep saying different things. The rumors and myths keep flying incessantly. Vaccination is becoming difficult because early adapters have received their jabs already, and the laggards include large number of reluctant people, both in healthcare and public. Our concern is not about side effects on heart, or immunity, or else; our concerns are

COVID Vaccine is Injurious to Reproductive Health

We are always worried about reproductive health, despite the fact that our population growth rate went down from 2.1% to 1.9% after many years of government campaigning. It has climbed back and further to 2.3% and inching further up. Even today, when we interview candidates in various cities and talk about family, the average family size is reported to be four siblings and may go up to ten. This shows our obsession with reproduction and explains why we care so much about reproductive health.

COVID Vaccine contains ‘Haraam’ Elements

This is another popular myth. It is being propagated that the vaccine contains some pork material and is therefore not suitable for consumption by Muslims. There is no definite evidence to back up this claim, but it keeps surfacing here and there. We take no part in any research now, be it medicine or any other field. The world is moving ahead at great pace, but we have chosen to stay back, be a parasite on others’ work, and keep raising objections also.

The Fact is that COVID Vaccines Side Effects are Appearing with Use

Lately, it was announced that Pfizer/Biontech vaccine caused heart inflammation in a small percentage of people. Although a small number got this vaccine in Pakistan, but we need to be cognizant of such developments. This is the kind of information we should understand.

The Fact is that People are Still Dying of COVID

Every day, we hear such news. Many of the people we knew personally have passed away, many among public figures have, and many among healthcare professionals have left us. The situation is serious. Our personal misunderstandings and hang-ups should not be allowed to interfere with the greater public health and safety.

The Fact is that COVID is Still Not Fully Understood

The biggest challenge is that there is no pattern. Young people die quickly, and old, sick people recover. Vaccinated people are still falling sick with COVID and those not-vaccinated are roaming around scot-free. We cannot predict by any parameter as to who will be affected and who will be spared.

Sum Up

The situation is still precarious, fluid, unpredictable and dangerous. We need to remain careful, vigilant, and protective to ourselves and others.


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