Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances, and Viewers at large.

Happy New Year. I Pray to Allah that the Year 2018 brings positive changes in an around us; that our beloved country becomes more peaceful, progressive and prosperous; that our roads are safer, and our homes are havens; that our children and family and friends are healthy and happy; that we learn more and grow more; that we aim for greatness and get it; and that we become a source of love and joy for everyone.

I wish to thank you for reading and appreciating Pharma Veterans Blog. Your response is lovely and overwhelming. I bow in acknowledgement.

Pharma Veterans is a space. It is a Blog now. It will have a website soon and more will follow.

Pharma Veterans has been created for ALL PHARMA VETERANS. There are many veterans of Pharma Industry in Pakistan who have shaped this industry to bring it to what it is today. They are still working or have retired or become inactive, or lost to anonymity, or overtaken by younger people. Wherever they are, this space is meant for them and dedicated to them.

I am an initiator, facilitator and networker. And I wish to connect all of you. And I invite you to share your great learning and gems of experiences with others, particularly the would-be-veterans.

You can write a ‘Guest Blog’. It will be published promptly and without editing. You can consider contributing regularly or as-and-when-you-desire. Do contribute.

I wish Pharma Veterans to become a movement, for and by the Pharma Professionals.

Best Regards.

Asrar Qureshi


  1. Dear Asrar Qureshi i have been following your blogs for couple of days.thanks for sharing and offering to join the group.My name is Shakir Manzoor Khan working in pharma industry for 24 years.

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