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The colleagues and Associates at Hoechst

At Hoechst I got the chance to work and interact with many wonderful sublime seniors, colleagues and associates. I had the honor to learn something from each one of them. They were very large in numbers, and to get around all of them here is not possible, I would, however, like to introduce and acknowledge few who had truly left deep imprint on me and I take great pride in being their colleague and a friend to some.

These were the people who I worked with during my stay at H.O and later during various positions that I held in the field. I mentioned few in my earlier blogs I would, therefore, not like to repeat them except few with whom I had a long association.

  1. J. Paul, Basharat Malik, Zafar Hayat, Abdul Waheed butt were a very dedicated team under the leadership of C. J. Paul. Basharat Ahmed had joined the company as Assistant to the National Sales Manager. He had a brief stint at Hoechst, but we are close friends now.

Mr. Kuebert, Dr Groneberg, M. E. Mapara, Rashid Jaffary, Shakeel Gaya, Nayyer Samad, Irshad Hussain, Ghayasuddin, Sultan Khan, Dr. Ibtehaj Khurram and at the later stage S. H. Javed, Asrar Qureshi, Rana Hafeez, Qaiser Raza, Sh. Shahid (Rawalpindi), Khalid Javed (Fasialabad), T. B. Mirza (Multan), Riaz Khan (Peshawar) along with their teams. On the Distribution side, Ghayasuddin, Muzammil Ch, Tahir Mehmood, Riaz Ahmed, Amjad Malik, Salahuddin Mirza and many more.

Each one was an embodiment of unique qualities. Many of them were scholarly figures with very good communication skills and product knowledge. Worth mentioning qualities of Rashid Jaffary and Sultan Khan were their delightful sense of humor and a strong spontaneous wit and same is true for RAH, KJ and AM. They would keep the environment vibrant, cheerful and enthused to everyone around them.

We all worked together and enjoyed together. Each one of them made invaluable contribution in their own genre, bringing resounding success to the company. I am devoutly thankful to all, for their cooperation, guidance and love for me.

Here it would be important to mention the colleagues who left us for their heavenly abode. I pray for the eternal peace and highest stature to them in Heavens. The friends we lost were:

Shamim – Sales Officer – Lahore Depot.

Abdul Waheed Butt – MSO – Lahore.

Amjad I. Malk – Distribution Officer – Multan

Riaz Ahmed – Distribution Officer – Faisalabad

Muzaffar Aziz – MSO – Karachi.

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