Dear Pharma Colleagues! I and my longtime friend Javed Akhtar have started writing a book about Pharmaceutical Sales Profession. It reads like a story and will take up all aspects of Pharma Sales. We both started as Medical Rep in 1975 and went through various stages. Javed left as Head of Training at GSK and is currently a well-known and well-respected coach and trainer. I reached the top in line management and still there. It is the story of all of us; the Pharma Salespeople. Kindly read and give your reviews and comments here or at 

Disclaimer. All characters and places are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone/anything real is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Making of a Pharma Salesperson – Part V continued……

Jamil consulted his list and went to the next doctor. Dr. Abdul Khaliq was a senior GP. He was around 60 years and had a busy practice. Jamil did not find a pharmacy nearby and went straight to the clinic. The attendant looked at him and asked, “which company?” “I am Jamil from Ambria.” Jamil introduced himself. “Ok. Please wait here” he pointed to a chair near him. “Have you come here before?” the attendant asked. “No. This is my first time. I have joined two days back” Jamil replied. The attendant looked at him and asked, “Do you like this job?” “Yes. It is only two days, but I like it already” Jamil replied confidently. The attendant kept quiet and signaled him to go inside and see the doctor. Jamil went inside and said Salam to doctor. Dr. Abdul Khaliq nodded and gestured to him to sit down. “Yes. What do you have?” he asked. “Sir, I am Jamil from Ambria. I just joined, and this is my first visit. But I shall come regularly.” Jamil quickly said. “Good for you if you do so. You look like a serious person. You must work hard if you want to progress.” The doctor gave him elderly advice. “Thank you, Sir. I shall remember. Today I shall talk about few products.” Jamil said. The doctor nodded him to go on. “Sir, first product is Lefquin. This is Levofloxacin tablets, 250mg and 500mg. Lefquin is highly effective in respiratory infections” Jamil started his detailing. “I know Levofloxacin very well, don’t worry. What is your price?” the doctor asked. “Sir, Lefquin 250 is 18 rupees and 500 is 29 rupees” Jamil promptly replied. “Your price is ok. You see, many patients cannot afford expensive drugs. I do not like to prescribe expensive products.” The doctor observed. “But you must come and remind me. There are too many products and it is difficult to remember all of them.” The doctor concluded. “I shall do that, InshaAllah.” Jamil promised. “Enough for today. Next time more.” The doctor closed the sales call before Jamil could talk about the next product. He thanked the doctor and came out. He also thanked the attendant.

Jamil felt encouraged and energized. The doctor had appreciated him and showed him the way.

The next doctor on the list was Dr. Imran Ahmad. Jamil inquired from the pharmacy. They told him he was relatively new in the area and still trying to establish himself among the more senior doctors. Dr. Imran was not very busy. He had two patients. He warmly welcomed Jamil. “Looks like you are very new in the job” he commented. “Yes Sir, I started working two days ago.” Jamil replied. “Sit down, relax. Let me see these patients and then we shall discuss”. Dr. Imran said cheerfully. Jamil relaxed and sat down. Doctor took some time with the patients. He asked them many questions and even tried to socialize with them. Then he turned to Jamil. “What have you studied?” he asked. “I did B.Com sir”. Jamil said quietly. “It is ok. I see many medical reps who have studied Arts subjects, but they are doing a good job. Your company gives you training and you can learn yourself also. You can come to me if you have medical questions. I shall explain to you.” Dr. Imran was generous. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you very much Sir”. Jamil really felt grateful.

“Which products do you have?” Dr. Imran asked. “Sir, I have five products. I have Lefquin, which is our Levofloxacin 250mg and 500mg tablets. It is for respiratory infections” Jamil said with confidence. “Don’t worry. I know where to use it” Dr. Imran said.

“I have Amprox, which is our Naproxen sodium; 550mg. It is very effective for painful conditions”. Jamil continued. Dr. Imran smiled and said “Yes, I know. I use a lot of naproxen in my patients.” “Sir, we have Pantopram, our Pantoprazole for ulcer” Jamil was getting more confident. “Yes, Pantoprazole is in some ways better than other drugs of this class” Dr. Imran commented.

“Sir, we have Amcal-D which is Calcium Vitamin D tablets. These are chewable and have a good taste” Jamil was becoming a salesperson. “Yes. This is also used in many patients. I would like to taste it to see if it is really good.” Dr. Imran said. “Sure, Sir” Jamil said enthusiastically.

“Lastly, I have multivitamin mineral preparation, Ambuoy. It has 11 vitamins and 9 minerals” Jamil was now fluent. “I must say you have learnt well. Keep it up” Dr. Imran said.

“I shall support you. You must keep visiting regularly” Dr. Imran advised.

“Most surely Sir, I shall come regularly. Thank you very much for your support” Jamil felt good. He paid his regards and went away.

To be continued……


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