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Pharma Veterans idea was born about a year ago. It was somewhat vague in the beginning but became clearer as I kept tossing it in my head.

The number of people associated with Pharma Industry now runs into hundreds of thousands. The sales teams have seen the highest growth. The average number of sales team in a medium size company runs over a thousand. Those who joined in the 60s and 70s have retired already. The number of Pharma Veterans who spent several years in the industry is quite large.

Starting in 1975, I have completed 43 years already and am going into 44th. I and other Pharma Veterans like me saw the industry evolving and changing and growing. We saw many new ideas coming into practice; some became successful and others perished.

Based on this background, the first idea is that the Pharma Veterans should have a forum to share their experiences and learnings. This sentiment is echoed at the beginning of every blog and Pharma Veterans are invited to share their wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

I booked a publishing space on WordPress® for Pharma Veterans Blog where it is published on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Over 90% Blog Posts are written by me; others contributed by Hasan Jamal, a longtime colleague and Pharma Veteran. I do take pride in the fact that the publishing of post was always on schedule (except two occasions) during one year of Pharma Veterans.

I would share with you some stats about the blog.

  • Posts published in 2017                        18
  • Posts published in 2018                      127
  • Views                                                   7,442
  • Comments                                               63
  • Country Wise Views
    • Pakistan                                    4,950
    • United States                               461
    • Vietnam                                       220
    • Canada                                         169
    • Saudi Arabia                               113
    • United Arab Emirates                 90
    • India                                               75
    • United Kingdom                           52
    • Ireland                                           47
    • Kazakhstan                                   39
    • Bahrain                                          25
    • China                                              25
    • Nigeria                                           25
    • Italy                                                12
    • Germany                                       12
    • European Union                          10
    • Rest of World                             114
  • Follows from other bloggers               23

It is extremely encouraging to see the range of countries from where the posts were viewed.

Pharma Veterans has a Facebook page

Pharma Veterans has a Linkedin group

Pharma Veterans has a Twitter handle  @PharmaVeterans

You can see that Pharma Veterans is quite widely distributed.

Another idea is to do profiles of Pharma Veterans. Some profiles were published and more will be done.

Future plans include Pharma Veterans Foundation and Pharma Veterans Mentor Program.

I sincerely thank all colleagues who have been following Pharma Veterans Blog, have shared it with others and have kept me going. Thank you very much.

I invite other Pharma Veterans to come forward and share this space. Come join the community. You are enthusiastically welcomed.


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