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Hello Doctor!

The patients are urged to give feedback to these centers. This feedback is attached to the profile of treating doctor available online. This elicits not only the opinion of the public, but in the event of any complaint the problem is quickly addressed. They have an elaborate system working online for receiving and forwarding complaints and in turn giving solutions to the complainant.

Besides websites, separate telephone numbers are given, making the system of receiving and handling the complaints more efficient. The service is improvised in the light of feedback from public and patients, besides keeping up-dated with the countries where it is working since long.

They claim to be highly conscious and alert to the fact that there is no mishandling of the patient by some unscrupulous elements.

The consultation fee is transferred by credit/debit cards, facility like easy paisa or online transfer to the doctor’s account.

This system is working very efficiently in not only all the countries of the developed world, and also countries like India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Columbia, South Africa, Spain, Nigeria and many more.

Virtual Healthcare Platform

In the developed world this system has transcended into an emblematic virtual healthcare platform. This wholesome platform integrates all the healthcare components like patient, doctor, pharmacy, laboratory/diagnostic facility and nursing, to be accessed on smart devices, video and audio activity and computers. Virtual health stretches even beyond the use of digital tools, or mobile devices that connect patients to physicians.

It combines digital and telecommunication technologies to create a continuous connection between patients, physicians, and other caregivers. By combining technologies, health care stakeholders are able to more effectively coordinate patient care.

A new era of Telehealth Virtual Care is a paradigm shift allowing interoperability of disparate system.

Patients are becoming increasingly drawn to the concept of healthcare services that readily reaches them, rather than vice versa.

Salient Features

  • Care for Mother and child as well as elderly patients where movement from one place to another is difficult. This technology can conveniently provide them remote care.
  • Effective Chronic Care Management of problems like diabetes, hypertension and hepatitis can be provided without the hassle of running to the hospitals.
  • Patient can easily approach his doctor(s) from his cell phone, tablet and computer.
  • Doctor can see the patient from his home or clinic.
  • Patient Referral System
  • Specialist Search
  • Telehealth Tools
  • Telemedicine for Medical Practices
  • Interoperating between EMR (Electronic Medical Report) and remote POC (Point of Care)
  • Enables authorized suppliers to offer their services over this platform e.g. Chronic Care Management package, including a live health monitoring, care plan management & many other features.
  • Sharing of health record like X – rays, MRI, ECG and laboratory reports can now be easily shared.
  • Cost and time of medical tourism (national and international) can be saved.
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant organization – ensuring strict secrecy.
  • The system has the capability to facilitate interaction between patient and caregiver like doctor and others in English and other international languages as well as in local parlance.

Simple & Disruptive Technology

Disrupting an industry crowded with complicated equipment. Virtual Healthcare provides turn-key solutions that magnify caregiver effectiveness and change the way doctors (GP) interact with specialists and specialists’ vs. specialists.
Who can use Virtual Healthcare?

  • Hospital Systems
  • Clinics and physician groups
  • Rural hospitals and clinics
  • Solo practitioners
  • Institutional healthcare providers

Patient Referral Management

  • Reduce time to care
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Save time and unnecessary travel
  • Maximize doctor’s effectiveness

Substantial and Growing Market

Virtual visit is one of the fastest growing sectors of the fast-growing healthcare industry. According to the statistics from MRC (Medical Research Council – UK) the global Telemedicine/ Virtual Healthcare market is valued at U.S $19.3B in 2015 and is expected to reach U.S $52.3B by 2022.


One feels to be in a different world while discussing this prodigy in the health care market. It looks utopian, but in fact the infallible remote health care system has become a stark reality. Few months ago, a report was published from medical research firm of USA “Parks Associates” shows that 60% of U.S. households with broadband access are interested in remote care that would take place online or by telephone.

About a year and a half ago I worked for a brief stint with an American company interested in introducing this highly inclusive technology in Pakistan through a local entrepreneur. I was working on the feasibility and marketing plan. But somewhere in the middle the American company changed its mind to invest here because of Law and order and anaemic economy.

I could not get the chance to see this system practically working, but I did acquire a good theoretical knowledge.

I hope that in times to come the companies which have already espoused the technology, albeit in the preliminary stage and new entrepreneurs, will take initiative with this alluring advanced platform for Pakistan market to benefit the patients specially living in remote areas, who do not have access to quality medical care and also as a viable business proposition.


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