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Hippocrates (460-377 BCE) — A Greek philosopher and scientist said – “Health comes from happiness; happiness comes from stepping into character, knowing all one’s talents, and using these talents to create value for other people and oneself”

Living in the world we can earn pure money. Money is the first energy that comes home. If you purchase consumable articles like grocery and you and your family consume these articles purchased with the money to which somebody’s pain is linked then this pain will also come home. In other words, money will buy article with the article is linked the inner-self of the consumer the inner self to the body of the consumer — all is connected. Therefore, if the money is not pure then the cycle onwards cannot be pure.

This is the reason why there is so much pain in the world for which the most important and fundamental role is played by the first factor – money. The way that money has been earned and this does not only mean earning ethically or unethically, it also implies earning by looking after the people around you for example the people working with you in your company, earning by keeping them happy without hurting anyone. In the work place getting work done by putting unreasonable pressure or by debasing and berating someone will give rise to pain to the employee and believe me this pain will go to our homes with us. This is how the pain cycle sets in.

Mind you that in work place an employee sells his services against the salary he/she gets and does not sell his/her self-respect or ego, as such this factor has to be kept in mind always.

Yes, one has to be assertive, meeting deadline onus has to be there, and strong follow-up should be maintained to get the job done within the stipulated time. But to make him feel insecure and give impression that if the work is not completed within the deadline or mistake done, he will face the consequences.  Making his life miserable is totally un-called-for. Such negative way of dealing spreads the vibration of “turbulent energy” in the environment, which is the worst infection and is highly contagious. One person getting disturbed means the whole environment gets infected. If one is happy, is also contagious. Therefore, working by making the environment congenial and friendly, by empathizing the problems and pains of others —   has enormous ripple effect.

Everyone walking into your office is carrying some problem – problem from children, financial problem, somebody is sick in the family and many more. They are already carrying baggage with them when they enter the office. While doing business and working we have to do their healing by trying to share and help them reduce their agony.

Give them comfort and create family like atmosphere at the work place. To be oblivious of others’ problems by thinking that they have to work as they are being paid for it, is very unfair and has its own repercussions.

Leader is not the one who gets the work done. Leader is the one who plays the role of a mentor – nurtures and fosters motivation in the employees, co-workers and others around him and makes the people feel that he is there to look after them to whatever extent possible. Just forcing to work without caring for them creates a negative “energy vibration and aura” everywhere i.e work place, family and social circles etc. which ultimately hurts all and mostly the people in the lead role.

Sooner the better, the time for transformation and changing our style and attitude in the work place, at home and our social circle is now, and we can change the whole world. Never think how can I do it or why should I do it. If I spend extra on my employees my competitors will surpass me – No. Competitors may out-do us in some monitory gains, but we are already way ahead of them in HAPPINESS and this will be carried to all those who we confide in.

Never envy someone’s bigger house, luxury car or high standard of living, because happiness does not come with these worldly things. Happiness comes with the contentment with whatever you have, which may be a small house or a small car.

Whenever there is some problem it is generally said pray for me and when that problem is resolved then generally it is said that someone’s prayer has worked. This is because we have earned a prayer sometimes by helping a needy or doing a good deed in the past. In the event of any trouble we say somebody has given an evil eye. But the fact is no evil eye or jealousy can hurt if our inside is genuine, truthful and strong. The experts on “mind science” say that if others wish for us to fall off the chair we are sitting on, nothing will happen. We will fall only when we start believing that we may fall down.

Negative thinking creates a negative aura around us which is harmful, to our family and others, close to us. Therefore, we must shun all negativities and have positive thinking and attitude to earn true happiness in life. If we want to change our opponents, then the Gurus advise to pray and think positively about them. This will mow down their animosity, and they will automatically start thinking positive about us — foes will become friends.

They may not know how and why it has happened, but the truth is that it has happened because we had flooded them with Pure and Divine Energy.

No Medicine Cures What Happiness Cannot — Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


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