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This is a special series of Blogs which describes my time and experiences during Hajj this year.

DAY 8 – 28 July 2019

Madinah Munawarah

It is said that praying 40 prayers in Masjid Nabawi carries very high reward. Some people even say it is mandatory like ‘Farz’ or ‘Wajib’. Disregarding the classification, the fact remains that it is highly rewarding anyway. And as many prayers we get the opportunity to pray here, must be offered with a lot of gratitude to Allah.

Our devotion to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) is unwavering and unending. It is part of our being. A young person was sitting in the open area outside Masjid Nabawi and was reciting Na’at for his own pleasure. Another youngster walking on the street, was playing ‘Qaseeda Burdah Shareef’ on his mobile phone and was glowing with devotion.

There are numerous prayer books; there are many kinds of Durood in these. Recite whatever, but please recite what gives you satisfaction. Recite what you understand. Recite to present your respect and love for the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in the best possible way. Please do not recite anything which you don’t know the meaning of, just because someone gave it to you to recite.

Devotion is measured by sincerity and passion, not by words. It is preferable to recite Durood e Ibrahimi, which we recite in every prayer, rather than long, wordy articles which we do not even understand. The time to be near the Roza e Rasool (Peace be upon him) is always limited. I saw some people trying to rush through some long passages from such books. Where is the feeling in it? It is just a race against time. Our feeling of presenting ourselves before the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and paying respect is only possible if we know what we are saying, and how we are saying it.

People ask the pilgrims routinely to present their ‘Salam’ by name to the Prophet (peace be upon him). Some asked me also to do so. I did, but I have some reservations. To me, it seems like taking some sort of importance that so and so has sent ‘Salam’. And even the slightest hint of posing as important is highly undesirable here. I would rather like that everyone should send ‘Salam’ from wherever they are. This is accepted and has the same reward as standing in front and reciting Salam.

Feel your dedication, devotion, love, sincerity and passion within yourself first; keep adding to it till it burns inside you; then present it to our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) truthfully, honestly, simply and humbly. You shall melt from inside and tears shall swell your eyes and run on your cheeks. Then a most beautiful and blissful feeling shall surround you, envelope you, get inside you, and take you to a state from where you will never want to come back. Your Salam shall surely be received and appreciated.

Whatever time we get in Harmain Shareefain is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if you have the blessing to come again, every time is the last time. Please do not let even a small part of this great time wasted in any way. Allah Bless you and all of us. Aameen.

DAY 9 – 29 July 2019

Madinah Munawarah

In the holy city, Madinah Munawarah, the city of our Prophet (Peace be upon him) generally, and in Masjid Nabawi particularly, you always feel at ease. Everything happens smoothly. Probably the only difficult area is now Riaz ul Jannah. It is a more recent change. Riaz ul Jannah was always open from the front side which is in line with the Gold Grill of the Roza e Mubarak. People went inside, prayed, and came out. I am not sure what has necessitated the present harshness and restrictions. It may be that the numbers have increased or may be that whoever goes inside refuses to come out. Whatever the reasons, it is not in line with the overall peaceful atmosphere and cool ambiance of Masjid Nabawi. It is correct to assume that staying for longer time in Riaz ul Jannah will not guarantee a bigger space in Jannah.

Masjid Nabawi is a benevolent and comfortable place. You want to find a secluded space; you will get it. You want to sit near the blower to get more cooling, you will get it. You want to stay away from blower, you will get it. Chairs for those who cannot sit on ground are abundant; always more than the requirement. In comparison, it is often a task to find a chair in Haram Shareef.

Masjid Nabawi is now open at all times. Some portions may be closed for a while for cleaning. You can go whenever you so desire. Pray nawafil, recite Qur’an, recite Durood, and pray to Allah. I would request that we should keeping reciting Durood from the moment we start traveling toward Madinah Munawarah, until the time we have left the limits of the holy city way behind.

May Allah give us Steadfastness in our deeds. Aameen.


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