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This is a special series of Blogs which describes my time and experiences during Hajj this year.

Part 22

DAY 23 – 12 August 2019 – 11 Zilhajj 1440

Jamarat – Mina

Today, we had only one job to do. Go to Jamarat after Zuhr and throw 7 pebbles each at all three Jamarat.

We boarded the train from Mina-1 station near to our tent and went to Mina-3, which is the last station, and which is nearest to Jamarat.

The arrangements at Jamarat are excellent and throwing pebbles (stoning) is easy. The stoning platform has four levels; the passages are wide and there are separate passages for going and coming back. There is a fair amount of walk though.

When we go by train, we go to the fourth level. Each Jamarah is now a long, broad, high wall which rises from the ground level and goes much above the fourth level. All three walls have the same texture. It is mix of concrete and some other material. The surface is dark and has some pattern on it. If you look at it closely you feel a mixture of fear and repulsion.

We have to say ‘Bismillah e Allah o Akbar’ while throwing the first pebble, and only ‘Allah o Akbar’ while throwing the next six.

After stoning the first and second Jamarat, it is recommended to get on the side and pray to Allah. No prayer after stoning the third Jamarah.

Jamarat walls are covered by a huge canvas roof. Stoning can be done from both sides of the wall. We stoned the first Jamarah, prayed; then stoned the second, prayed; then stoned the third one, did not pray.

Some people were doing very long prayers; some were even offering some nawafil probably.

Jamarat walls have been constructed rather recently by humans. However, when we throw a pebble saying, ‘Allah o Akbar’, it seems that the wall has become alive for a fraction of a moment. I felt that; it might be my imagination only.

May Allah Protect us from the evil designs of Shaitan at all places, and at all times. Aameen.

Back to Mina tents. There was a big commotion in the evening. We came to know that the police had arrested four service workers from out tents. It was alleged that they hid around 300 cartons of fruits and juices in the warehouse. They were actually supposed to give it to the pilgrims. You can understand from this event that humans have huge capacity for cheating, and they can do it anywhere, without remorse or regret.

The positive effect of this event was that all of a sudden, the tents were flooded with fruit and juices. The fruit was almost on the verge of becoming rotten.

Part 23

DAY 24 – 13 August 2019 – 12 Zilhajj 1440

Jamarat – Mina – Aziziya

Today marks the fifth day of Hajj Days.

Allah has permitted that those who wish to leave Mina today, can do so after Rami, but before sunset. If someone does not want to leave, or cannot leave, they will do Rami on 13 Zilhajj also and then leave.

We planned to go for Rami Jamarat after Zuhr prayer, taking our small baggage along. We would go to Aziziya directly from there, rather than coming back to tents.

We went as per plan, stoned the three Jamarat and moved down to go to Aziziya. The limits of Aziziya touch the limits of Mina.

When we got to the road, we realized that it would be impossible to get transport. The road was virtually blocked, jammed with traffic, and there were no taxis for hire. I opened Google Maps and found that our building was 4.9 km away. Not too bad. We started.

We did not rush; there was no point in rushing. A little ahead, we found a decent Turkish restaurant. It was lunch time anyway, so we sat down and enjoyed Turkish Doner meal. Relaxed a little and resumed our walk.

The road was busy with shops and plazas all over. Further ahead, an African woman was selling prayer caps; Made in China. 2 Riyals each. My companions bought some caps after haggling and getting a little discount.

Made in China is a strange thing. You wear Ihram of China, wear chappal of China, put a China cap on the head, hold a Tasbeeh (rosary) of China in your hand, and present yourself to Allah.

Do you think China would get some part of Thawab (reward) for this?

When we buy Ihram in Pakistan, we can be saved from this.

International brand Giordano also sells Ihram in Makkah Mukarramah. I checked the price; 156.50 Riyals. I could buy 6 Ihrams for this value in Pakistan; even in Saudia. However, there must be some overly Brand Conscious people who would buy Giordano Ihram.

Back to our walk. With tired feet and legs, we continued. Someone offered cold water, we said thank you and took it. Further ahead, some noble guy offered cold juice, we took it with gratitude. Honestly, it boosted our energy and morale.

It was Asr time when we reached our building in Aziziya. We felt as if we were back home.


  1. Very interedting to know about jamarat, throwing bebles at Shaitan one, two, three, May ALLAH protect all of us from every evil all the time.

  2. Sir Very interesting comment will China get some thawaab? not sure sir, but they are earning lot of money

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