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This is a special series of Blogs which describes my time and experiences during Hajj this year.

Part 32

DAY 33 – 22 August 2019 – 21 Zilhajj 1440

Aziziya – Haram Shareef

Haram Shareef is filled with Allah’s guests. Tawaf is going on. When Tawaf circle becomes big and wide and reaches the brims, the security asks people sitting in Mataf to get up and go behind so that Tawaf is not disturbed. Then some groups leave, the circle shrinks, and people start sitting in Mataf. Security does its job, people do their work. There is no dispute and no hard feelings.

Prohibiting photography in Haram Shareef has been around for many years; unsuccessfully. Particularly now, when new mobiles have made everyone photographer and there is no way to stop it.

Haram Shareef is the most popular place for taking photos; photos are taken in every corner. Most favorite is Ka’aba tul Musharrafah which is taken in background for selfies, portraits and group photos. Men and women pose before Ka’aba tul Musharrafah for memorable pictures. Videos are made; some people video-record entire Tawaf.

Talking on mobile during Tawaf is a common sight. Tawaf is going on, and so is the talk on phone. Many Tawaf rounds are consumed in phone talk. Allah knows whether they include these in the seven rounds of Tawaf or compensate by doing additional rounds.

People in Ihram, without Ihram, children, young adults, adults, elderly, men and women are so enthusiastically and passionately involved in photography/videography; it seems this was their sole purpose of coming here.

With every Adhan, scores of mobiles rise, and video record adhan with scenes of Haram Shareef. Some of them shall later use this recording as ring tone of their mobile. When it will ring at a wrong time and in a wrong place, who will be responsible for the sins accumulated?

Some more courageous people take someone on video call and live stream their entire Tawaf. Who knows what the other person was doing when he/she was subjected to it?

Tawaf is presenting ourselves to Allah. It is the most privileged time when we are nearer to our Lord, in the vicinity of the Grand Baitullah Shareef. This is the time to submit ourselves; open our innermost self to our Lord, although He knows it already; to seek His pleasure; to seek His guidance; to seek His forgiveness; to ask for blessings without count; to pray for all our near and dear ones, the family and extended family, the friends and acquaintance, the country and our people at large. How do we know these may be last moments of life, last breaths?

If I know, I shall die in the next 5 minutes, shall I talk to Allah or talk to someone on mobile? This is the time for such a spirit.

Getting such privilege in this mortal life and wasting it away is a blunder of the highest order.

I am sure people do not look at this way, otherwise they will not carry mobile at all.

I pray to Allah that everyone coming to Haram Shareef would understand its true high place and act with due respect. Aameen.

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