Our Relationship with Allah

Not a day goes by

When we do not face new situations

When our mettle is not tested

When our understanding is not questioned

When our relations are not sabotaged

When our peace is not threatened

When our feelings are not challenged

Most of us still survive

With honor and integrity, and with peace and serenity

Some of us do not

How do those who survive do it?

The answer is “Internal Strength”

You may call it “ego” as well

Ego is our internal set of values that determines our outward behavior

It is an expression of our social, cultural and religious learning over time

Ego is very strong, but it has its limits

Many times, we need additional strength

Our relationship with Allah gives it to us

The depth of our relation determines the strength of support 

Building Our Relationship with Allah


Because we are His creation, a reflection of His Exalted Attributes; and we must trace ourselves back to the Origin

Because we cannot understand our self completely without knowing Him


Connect directly


Anytime in life, the earlier the better


Anyone, Everyone


Purity of purpose; Untainted, interestless; desire-free (heaven) and threat-free (hell)

Time frame?

His command


Losing sanity


Eternal Peace

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