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By the time, next blog will be published on Monday 25th, Eid ul Fitr will be either a day old or on that day. It is therefore good time to exchange Eid Greetings today.

Please accept my prayers and wishes on this auspicious occasion. May Allah keep you safe and shower His Blessings upon you. May Allah keep your families and dear ones in His Great Protection. Aameen.

Eid ul Fitr is always a happy occasion. There is a long month of fasting culminating in Eid. Those who were fasting feel rewarded; those who did not, feel relieved.

This year, Eid is in the shadow of Corona. How the social interaction will take place is still unclear. Starting from Eid Prayers to the long Eid holidays, new order has to be set. Eid is always an occasion for intense family gatherings. It will be dampened somehow, it seems. Some more adventurous people would go to northern areas to spend Eid holidays. Tourist areas may still be closed, so nowhere to go.

Ramadan traditions changed due to corona. Not everyone could go to mosque to offer prayers or Taraweeh. Older people like me were barred. Outdoor Iftars were not possible. Home gatherings for Iftars were also discouraged. Most offices were also closed. The overall activity during Ramadan therefore remained very low. The net effect was that Ramadan passed very quickly, too quickly rather.

During the last few days, government allowed opening of shops and then Malls. Huge number of people thronged the markets for Eid shopping. This was somewhat upsetting. It is good to remain high-spirited during crisis, but the same spirit should be shared with others also.

The weather during Ramadan this year did not become oppressive at all. It remained cool to moderate. The fasting was stress-free, therefore. This is probably another reason why it passed so quickly.

There is still time to do what can be done for those who lost jobs and incomes due to corona. There is still time to share some happiness with less-happy people around. There is still time to part with a little portion of our good fortune and send it to someone. Compassion is favored by Allah and our Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Lastly, the discussion about Eid Moon Sighting and the probable date of Eid has become alive again. People are wishing to have Eid on Sunday (after 29th day of Ramadan). Don’t mind, it happens every year. The 30th fast seems a lot suddenly even to those who were fasting happily and steadfastly. This is a light contradiction which need not be taken seriously. It is an innocent desire which has no serious consequences if it is not fulfilled.

I once again wish you the very best of Eid happiness.


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  1. Heartiest Eid Greetings to you too, May ALLAH Pak shower his choicest blessings upon you n family May He keep you safe n protected always Eid Mubarik to you..

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