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Continued from Previous…… This series is based on a report compiled by Jilian Clare Cohen1, Monique Mrazek2, and Loraine Hawkins3 for World Bank.

Six decision points were identified where corruption could infiltrate. The first was manufacturing, second was marketing authorization, third was selection, fourth was procurement, fifth was distribution, sixth was drug prescribing and dispensing.

Selected Strategies to Mitigate Corruption in Pharmaceutical Systems

The report goes on to make recommendations for certain strategies to mitigate the risk of corruption. It is more like an indicative list which can be modified for particular use.

The list is arranged as per the six decision points which are vulnerable to corruption. For greater relevance to our country situation, I have added the column of Pakistan Status.


As can be seen from the table above, Pakistan does not have procedures and policies in some key areas.

In the next blog post, which will be the last of this series, we shall sum up the entire discussion done so far.

To be Continued……

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  1. Jilian Clare Cohen – Toronto, Canada
  2. Monique Mrazek – Latin America
  3. Loraine Hawkins – London

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