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First, I would like to pay huge gratitude to all friends, well-wishers, and dear ones. I was in traveling and therefore could not publish the blogpost on Monday 22 November as per regular schedule. I posted a message a later about the missing post later during the day. I received so many messages of wishes and prayers, I just sat down and spent some time basking in the warmth of affection. I feel so much lucky to have such great friends and loved ones around and no amount of gratitude is adequate in response. Thank you all, thank you very much. I am so much enriched and blessed. May Allah Bless you all with His Best Blessings. Aameen.

This trip is for office work. There is an exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria where both companies, Selmore and Pharmasol are participating. The exhibition has been arranged by TDAP – Trade Development Authority Pakistan – under its ‘Look Africa’ policy. There will be conference on Tuesday 23 November, followed by two days of exhibition. TDAP has targeted West African countries through this event. About 120 companies from Pakistan – various industries – are participating. TDAP has facilitated the exhibitors by providing stalls at nominal cost, arranging visas, and advising on travel arrangements. All other expenses are borne by exhibitors. TDAP has also invited businessmen from nearby countries, more important ones at its own cost. It is a great effort by TDAP which must be acknowledged and appreciated.

Nigeria is the most populous country in whole of Africa, with a population of around 220 million. We may compare it to Pakistan as it has similar geographical area and population. Their official motto also says, “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”. Officially it is the Federal Republic of Nigeria, comprising of 36 states and one federal territory where Abuja, the political capital is located. Commercial capital is Lagos.

Nigeria is home to some 250 different ethnic groups speaking 500 distinct languages. The official language is English.

Nigeria is divided roughly in half between Muslims, who mostly live in the north, and Christians, who mostly live in the south. British colonized it in the nineteenth century and it gained independence on October 1, 1960.

Nigeria economy is the largest in Africa and it is therefore sometimes referred to as the ‘Giant of Africa’. However, the country ranks very low in Human Development Index – HDI – and remains one of the most corrupt nations of the world. Nigeria is a founding member of African Union. Nigeria is member of ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States. It is also part of OPEC and has large export of oil. The economy has not boomed like some other oil producing countries.

The 2nd Pakistan Africa Trade Development has been arranged by the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Pakistan. The event started with a conference in which PM’s Advisor on Commerce & Trade, Mr. Abdul Razzak Dawood participated. Pakistan High Commissioner with his team organized the event. The exhibition was partially opened today (Tuesday 23 Nov 2021).

I shall update more on it as the exhibition progresses.

To be Continued……

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