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On Wednesday 10th August morning, a little before 9 am, Aamir Zafar called me and said that he had heard that our group member and dear friend Javaid Qureshi had passed away. He said he could not confirm it. He asked me to confirm it and then announce in the group. I waited a little to let Javaid’s office open. I called but no one picked up. Then I called one of his managers whom I knew. He confirmed and gave some details also. I then announced the news in our group of Pharma Veterans.

Pharma Veterans is the site where I publish my blogs. I purchased this domain and site in 2017 with several ideas, first of which was publishing of blog. In 2018, thanks to Kamran Saeed, Pharma Veterans group was formed. He chose the invitees for the first meeting, and then added few more in later meetings. I got to know some of the most wonderful people; Javaid Qureshi among them.

Javaid Nasir Qureshi had double Masters, in Economics and Business Administration. He had worked hard and rose through the ranks to become Managing Director of Fresenius Medical Care, Pakistan and Afghanistan, a position he was holding at present. And he was still young.

In a very short time, we developed a close relationship where I was the elder, and he clearly deferred to me. He had great sense of propriety which he always displayed. In a short period of few years, we got to know much.

I would receive a text message from him, ‘can we meet today?’. Mostly, I would be available, and we would meet at a fixed coffee shop. We sat for couple of hours and discussed a range of topics: management, industry, technology, religion, literature, human relations and so on. Javaid was a very knowledgeable person and was in the habit of regular reading.

I met some of his colleagues with him and it showed that he was a leader whom people loved, not a boss. He worked hard and led from the front on all fronts. This might have been the reason for him not being chosen for international posting for which he qualified amply; he was too deeply involved in every sphere of his current portfolio.

I take his departure as a personal loss, and I understand other members of the group feel the same way. In a long life, we see many people leaving before we finally go, but some people leave much greater impression than others. Javaid did. He was a sensitive person with a sweet soul and was always ready to help.

I pray that Allah Blesses him in the hereafter and exalts him. I pray that his family gets the courage to bear this huge loss. I pray that his plans about his family are fulfilled by Allah’s Grace and his soul stays in peace. Aameen.



  1. Great leader Great mentor and real supporter for Dialysis community of Pakistan 🇵🇰 & Afghanistan. Sudden demise of Sir Javaid Nasir Qureshi Late is big loss of Medtech industry. He was man on front foot to care, support & facilitate every CKD patient in every corner of Pakistan with World’s No:1 Dialysis facilities. “Allah Pak bless him His best Jannah” A’meen Summa A’meen.

  2. He was a man of principle and led an examplary, purposeful, dutyful and meaningful life, also left a followable legacy. May his soul rest in peace and the family be able to sustain this irrepairable loss. Ameen!

  3. I used to meet Javaid N Qureshi during National Outreach Programme Sessions. He had always been kind, open to learning new things and a man of character. May Allah(SWT) bless him with a higher place in Jannah. Aameen

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