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My New Book Titled ‘Rise of Local Pharma Industry in Pakistan – Past, Present, SWOT, Way Forward’ has been published. It has been published by Nai Soch Publishers who may be contacted at 042 37361416 or WhatsApp at 0300 8475843.

Actually, this is my second book; the first was ‘Aik Aam Aadmi ka Hajj’ which was published in 2019 when I returned from Hajj.

As you know I write blogs in this space and my topics are mostly related to Pharma Industry, Pharma Industry Pakistan, the issues that are being faced by the industry in Pakistan, the situations that people are going through, and so on.

As far as I understand, it is the only blog on Pharma Industry in Pakistan, and I take pride in this initiative. This blog space is my paid site, but it is available for anyone who wishes to write about Pharma, Management, Industry, Talent, or any related topic. We do not take up social issues here, but I talk about these on my YouTube channel ‘Life View with Asrar Qureshi’. Even there, most topics relate to Pharma.

I would like to share the reason for writing this book, and what it offers.

Pharma Industry in Pakistan has undergone huge change in the last three decades. The local corporates have risen like never before and have dominated the market. I share insight about how it became possible. This is the first part.

Fast growth does not give time to consolidate things, and similar situation may be seen with the local pharma industry. Everything is not as well as it might seem from a distance; there are weaknesses and problems. In the second part, I have done a detailed SWOT analysis of the local pharma industry as it is today. The acronym SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths and Weaknesses are usually internal, while Opportunities and Threats are external. This analysis puts into perspective the industry as it is today and helps to understand how it has reached here.

The third part is about strategy proposals. Strategies to utilize Strengths, to mitigate Weaknesses, to harness Opportunities, and to avert Threats, are included. These are well-thought suggestions, some of which may be adopted as such, and others may be customized to suit the corporate needs. You may call it a platform on which many scenarios may be built.

I believe that this book will serve as a great guide for all pharma professionals; local pharma and MNCs alike. Both work in the same space and share the same issues.

I plan to expand the content with opinions, views, and analysis of industry stalwarts. Few more topics are also under consideration.

I would like to close this post by saying that this book is the beginning of the discussion, not a culmination of my journey in the industry. I urge that this discussion takes place sooner than later, and that it helps everyone perform better.

Meanwhile, I request all pharma professionals to buy this book from the address given above. In case of any difficulty, I may be contacted at 0300 8438706, or


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