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In the first few Pharma Veterans Blogs, I had mentioned about my first training mate, Javed Akhtar. JA has completed 43 years of continuous working in and for Pharma Industry.

Basic Bio.

Did BSc from Punjab University. started as medical representative in Reko Pharmacal in 1975. Later joined SmithKline & French and became Sales Promotion Manager and Regional Manager. SK&F merged to become SB and then GSK. JA was shifted to training. He became Field Training Manager, Sales Training Manager and Finally Head of Sales Training & Development, Glaxo SmithKline for Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. He left job at that position.

Presently, he divides his time between Training Consultancy/ Coaching for Performance and Youth Development Initiatives. His training activities are spread across several industries.

Core Philosophy.    Learn, Perform, Grow with Passion and Dignity

Javed AkhtarLife Motto.    Khush Raho aur Khushian Banto……Be Happy and Spread Happiness Around. That makes him a ‘Happiness Evangelist’.

JA is a highly organized, disciplined, hardworking and upright person. He still works full day, every day to create value for himself and others. He is running Academy for Management Excellence (AME) and offers various programs.

Mergers are almost always quite stressful for the employees. First, SK&F merged with Beecham. The two companies had very different cultures.Then they merged with Glaxo Wellcome (already merger product of Glaxo and Wellcome). GSK, the current entity has four major pharmaceutical companies. These were diverse companies in virtually every respect. It led to major upheavals in these organizations at all levels.  JA not just survived two big mergers; he thrived.

During his tenure in Training and Development, JA had the opportunity to be trained at Cambridge UK. He got certified and accredited.

This is what JA says about his training portfolio.

“I specialized in Advanced Facilitation, Training and Coaching from Cambridge University UK. I have three International Tutor Accreditation Awards to my credit. I have international exposure of working with Lead Trainers at Seminars and Tutor Forums in 12 different countries of the world.

I have a rich & diversified work experience of over 40 years in Pharma Selling, Pharma Sales Management, Pharma Sales Training, Corporate Training and have trained over 5000 participants.

I served for 15 years in training and development department of GlaxoSmithKline as Field Training Manager, Sales Training Manager and finally Head of Sales Training for Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

I am an enthusiastic trainer and a passionate coach with a highly motivational style of facilitation. I am dedicated to people development and to help them Learn, Transform, Perform and Emerge as Successful Individuals in their lives and highly productive for their organizations.

Currently I am doing training consultancy; designing and facilitating in-house customized training workshops for employees of MNCs and National Companies.

His flagship training workshops are:

  1. Excelling in Pharma Selling (Selling Skills)          Two days
  2. Pharma Sales Management                                     Two days
  3. Sales Coaching Excellence                                        One day
  4. Sales Performance Management                             One day
  5. Sales Performance Development Coaching           Two days
  6. Basics of Presentation Skills                                     One day
  7. Personal Effectiveness at Work                                One day
  8. Training of Trainers (Training Skills)                      Three days


To be continued……


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