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Continued from previous – as narrated……

“After leaving CCL, I looked around to find another job.

I had an offer from Saffron Pharma Faisalabad earlier, but I was somewhat reluctant to join. I had some reservations about a senior person there. Incidentally, their plant Manager Dr. Ahsan resigned, and management asked him to provide an appropriate replacement. Dr. Ahsan recommended my name. MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM WITH SUCCESSES.

We met me at a dinner and Saffron management offered me to join. I agreed to join on a single condition that nobody will interfere in my working. My belief is that my responsibility is to struggle; reward is given by Almighty Allah. After a short discussion they agreed to hire me.

It was a very challenging decision. They hired me, and they were also carrying their senior most manger parallel to me but without any work. On the first day of my joining, a delegation from Nigeria visited for Inspection of the plant. I handled it appropriately and the inspection was successful.

During my first month, there came a major crisis. One chiller out of three broke down. The time was June; peak summer season. It was a very dangerous situation. I planned shifts and managed production load of various areas for one and a half months and supported the business activity fully. After handling this crisis, I became confident that I could manage the plant effectively. It was a major experience and I learned a lot from it.

The senior manager mentioned earlier stayed for six months. But he was nice and never interfered in my working. Later, he resigned.  There was some discussion about utilizing his services elsewhere, but finally, his resignation was accepted. I was given entire responsibility of plant.

At Saffron, I focused on development of corporate culture which I had already learnt at CCL, and succeeded.

I utilized my energies at Engineering, Supply Chain and R&D; restructured all of them, succeeded and Alhamdulillah, our plant got acclaimed as one of the ‘Best Pharma Plants’ in Pakistan.

I learnt a lot of things from the Board of Directors. I understood their vision and I now believe that success comes from vision and commitment. And that formal education is valuable but entrepreneurship depends upon focus, energy and right utilization of available resources.

Viewing the organizational needs, the company decided to expand its Business in various domains. After multiple discussions with Marketing, it was decided to establish new production areas for ‘Dry Powder for Suspension’ and ‘Softgel’ capsules. These areas are now ready for inspection.

We also discussed, and the management agreed to establish a new dedicated ‘Cephalosporin’ manufacturing area. The facility is in final stages and will be ready for inspection by mid 2018.Shahzad1

This is my work story up to now.

I have worked hard, and I have made choices. Some good, and some maybe not-so-good. But I have always worked hard and tried to learn; from my seniors, my colleagues, literature, and wherever else I could. I have polished my technical skills and I have tried to improve my soft skills. I shall continue to do so to keep myself growing personally and professionally”.

Currently, Shahzad is Head of Plant Operations in Saffron Pharma, Faisalabad.

He can be reached at


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