Dear Pharma Colleagues! The purpose of ‘Pharma Veterans’ is to share your wealth of knowledge and wisdom with others for the benefit of entire Pharma Community. It is also a movement to recognize and celebrate the Pharma Industry Professionals. Pharma Veterans Blog is published by Asrar Qureshi on WordPress, a top blog site. Please join the community and share your stories, ideas and thoughts. Please email to for publishing your contributions here.

This Post is for paying gratitude to my friends and colleagues who have been following the Pharma Veterans Blog. They have appreciated and given feedback and kept me going……

I am honored and encouraged by such huge response. I say a big Thank You to all of you.

The first post of Pharma Veterans was published on October 27, 2017.

The 100th Post of Pharma Veterans was published on July 17, 2018. 14 Posts were contributed by a long time Pharma Veterans Hasan Jamal; 86 Posts were written by me.

Pharma Veterans Blog was received warmly. Till now, 0ver 6,000 viewers have read it on WordPress. Similar or a larger number has viewed it on various pages on FaceBook.

The idea behind creating Pharma Veterans is to acknowledge, recognize, appreciate and celebrate people who work in Pharma Industry of Pakistan.

Pakistan has a highly developed Pharmaceutical Industry. The industry had been evolving over decades and blossomed after late 1980s. Both MNCs and Local Pharma have been beneficiary of Industry growth. However, Local Pharma has reaped much bigger harvest.

Growth of Pharma Industry was led by Pharma Professionals in Manufacturing and Marketing and in turn led to growth of more professionals. This auspicious cycle is still running.

I started working in Pharma Industry in 1975. During the last 43 years I have witnessed growth of Pharma Industry firsthand. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best and finest people in Pharma Industry. These interactions shaped my personal and professional learning and development. I believe I owed it to Pharma Industry to write about it and its people.

Pharma Veterans was thus born.

Pharma Veterans Blog is published on WordPress which is one of the best blog sites. Pharma Veterans has a dedicated URL It has a Facebook page of the same name. It has a Linkedin group.

The links to Pharma Veterans Blog are published on Linkedin, Facebook, Pharma Veterans, Pharma Colleagues, Pharma Suite, Pharma Family, Twitter, and @PharmaVeterans.

Pharma Veterans Blog Posts are also published on Blogger separately.

I would request the senior veterans to come forward and share their experiences. Many pearls of wisdom will be found in these which will be used greatly by many. Younger people will get inspiration and guidance from these experiences.

Thank You Again.

Pharma Veterans Blog feels young at 100. And is ready to do another 100.

Allah Bless you.


  1. Sir, Congratulations on Century!
    Best wishes for your endeavours to educate, motivate & facilitate not only the fresh entrants but also the seasoned professionals of Industry.
    With Regards,
    Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah

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