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I read the discussion of a consultant physician working in Services hospital – Lahore, in an Urdu magazine few days ago regarding this mode of therapy for the seriously sick patients; some of them were terminal cases. A good number of such patients were completely cured.

This miraculous treatment line is being regularly practiced in synching with the usual medical treatment in few of the hospitals in Lahore and some other cities also, with remarkable and outstanding results, reducing mortality incidence markedly and increasing cure rate.

The idea is not only taking roots at a reasonably fast pace in Pakistan but has been taken up by many researchers nationally and internationally. This is “Treatment through Surah-e-Rehman” A Quranic verse mentioned in 27th chapter of ‘The Holy Quran’


In fact, a serial program on ‘Healing Power of Surah-e-Rehman was telecast some 15 years ago on PTV. After a hiatus of few years this emblematic idea featured again when medical professionals and scientists started talking about the extraordinary healing power of Surah-e-Rehman at different forums.

I am reproducing the deeply insightful narration of Dr. M. Javed Ahmed – Consultant – Intensive Care Unit – Services Hospital – Lahore, revealing the genesis of this new line of treatment, which in times to come, might become a derecho in the management of serious, life threatening medical conditions.

Dr. MJA told his personal experience how he got the idea of this line of treatment. He graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College in 1992, completed one-year house job at ICU Services hospital. He took up the job at Shaikh Zayed Hospital and Ittefaq Hospital working in ICUs. Did his post-graduation and went to Saudi Arabia for two years in 2005. He then did MRCP and came back to Pakistan in 2008. He took up the job at Services Hospital as Consultant ICU and still working there in the same capacity.

In 2002 he experienced something weird. While injecting a patient he accidently pricked the contaminated needle in his hand and after few days the symptoms of disease appeared on him, diagnosed as hepatitis. For year and a half, he suffered the agony of the dreaded disease. No treatment worked, his condition worsened and ultimately his doctors told him that there was no chance. He was merely on supportive.

He lost all hopes and knew that his days were counted. He was in a state of complete despair, frustration and despondency. In such a depressive situation one does make desperate attempts to try out anything anywhere.

One day his friend, a medical doctor, took him to a spiritual healer (Baba) near Darbar Data Sahab. Old man gave him assurance and told him to have full confidence on Allah Almighty and losing hope does not help rather it is a sin.

Baba told Dr. Javed to listen to the recitation of Surah-e-Rehman, by Qari Abdul Basit (cassettes and CDs freely available in the market) thrice a day uninterrupted and with full belief for seven days and forgive all those you have complaint against or have hurt you in some way.

Dr. Javed did exactly the way he was asked to. His luck held and within few days he observed dramatic improvement in his condition. He started gaining strength, symptoms and related tests showed marked improvement. Ultimately, he recovered completely.

Dr, Javed was now resolutely convinced of the healing power of The Holy Quran. As per promise with baba he took the momentous decision and started clinically applying the Surah-e-Rehman therapy in ICU – Services hospital regularly. There was initial resistance from the doctor fraternity but then after seeing the pronounced healing power, it was accepted and many of his colleagues followed him.

Dr. Javed is maintaining statistics of the last ten years of cancer patients, and many other hopeless cases. He says the results are phenomenal.  Marked reduction has been observed in mortality rate and improvement in the cure rate.

This treatment mode has been adopted in many other hospitals of Lahore and other cities.

Dr Javed says that it is a stark reality that every word of The Holy Quran is an embodiment of curative power for all diseases and innumerable patients have benefited from it.

This extraordinary healing power of Surah-e-Rehman is now being admitted by the scientists and researchers around the globe. During the last few years many scientists within the country and outside have initiated an organized research purely on scientific lines on the healing power of Surah-e-Rehman. This initiative is opening new avenues on this exciting concept as adjuvant therapy, in the field of ‘Critical Care Management’.

To be continued……

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