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Few weeks ago, a seminar, hugely attended by eminent scientists and medical experts, was held in Islamabad. Many papers were read on the visible healing power of Surah-e-Rehman in the Management of Critically ill Patients including cancer patients and other terminal cases, by different researchers. The observations and experiences shared were very encouraging and inspiring.

  • It was unanimously recommended by the house that owing to the highly encouraging curative results, a seven-day treatment regimen should be implemented in all the government and private hospitals as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of serious ailments.

Among many renowned practitioners Dr. Javed also shared his ten years’ experience and statistics. He is the one who took the lead in practicing this mode of therapy. Besides him Dr. M.Tariq – Head of the Department of Micro-Biology, LUMS and Irum Hameed – Director, S&I, also attended the seminar.

Dr. M. Tariq is a PhD in E.T.H.A, DNA technology from a renowned university of Switzerland and is currently heading the Department of Micro-Biology, LUMS. He initiated research on this topic many years ago and said during the seminar, that his job was made easy by the data shared by Dr. Javed.

While informing the house about the direction of his research, Dr. Tariq said that we at department of Micro-Biology – LUMS, are carrying out three-pronged research which is certainly a complicated and tedious process:

  • We are examining the effects of recitation of Surah-e-Rehman on Bacteria, Chemistry of Human Cells and Neurons in Human Brain. The vibration produced by the recitation positively affects the above-mentioned areas and improvement signals are generated. The brain then sends the healthy signals to the human body. Even if the patient is unconscious, his brain still receives these healthy waves.
  • Human body contains an amazing network of genes. Genes keep on shutting down and opening up. We are observing the effects of these vibrations on this mysterious genetic system.
  • We are using bees as models. Where carcinogenic cells are injected and the effects of these vibrations are observed in them. We are also examining its effects on the growth of tissues during culture.

So far results are very encouraging.

In Pakistan, as informed by Dr. Javed, organized research is being carried out on the effects of Surah-e-Rehman, by many scientists in different institutions.  Giving reference of a book Dr. Javed informs, that “like cosmic vibrations the mysterious power of emotional energy produced by prays, about which we do not know much as yet and the research is on, has been observed to produce healthy changes in a sick body, thus, curing and eradicating the disease”

All this does not mean that patient should stop taking medicine and avoid other modes of established medical treatment. It only implies that Surah-e-Rehman therapy should go alongside the normal treatment, as it visibly speeds up the healing process.

Dr. Javed informed that this genre of treatment is being tried by Dr. Mah Rukh – the first female cardiac surgeon at PIMS – Islamabad. She opined that that there is 50% reduction in mortality rate.

The phenomenal results of it have echoed in other countries also. Dr. Javed told an incidence with reference to Dr. Tariq Bangash – Liver Transplant Surgeon, who was on training at Leeds hospital – UK. Dr. Bangash was greatly surprised when he heard recitation of Surah-e-Rehman from the ward of Dr. Belme – a notable liver transplant surgeon. Dr. Belme had arranged it for his ICU patients and claims that there is mentionable reduction in mortality incidence compared to the past.  Perhaps Dr. Belme picked up the idea from Saudi Arabia where he worked for some time.

Many doctors approached Dr. Belme for more data on his experience. But he did not divulge the information on the pretext that he is will publish a research paper soon.

Dr. Belme also expressed his intentions to set-up a Multi-purpose Centre, where patients will be treated by Surah-e-Rehman.

Dr. Javed calls this treatment mode as the ‘Ultimate Remedy’ and maintains that according to his experience where science shows its limits, there this therapy shows its marvels.

He says that he would specifically like to mention the patients who have deliberately of by mistake ingested poison like Aluminum Phosphate, for which there is no antidote, the mortality even in developed world is 80%, whereas in our hospital 80% fully recover.

Moreover, the cure incidences of dreaded diseases like cancer, mad-dog bite and other serious conditions of heart, liver or kidney, are better here compared to many countries of the developed world. It is worth mentioning here that the Non-Muslims are equally benefitted by this mode.

We do not discontinue the medication, but alongside, this seven-day treatment is strongly recommended and practiced by us. This is a very precious gift and blessing of Allah Almighty.

Dr. Javed informed that a team of doctors has undertaken an exhaustive project of collecting data of the last over ten years and a comparative study with the previous data is underway This data will be tabulated, and research paper will be published for the doctors and academicians within Pakistan and internationally to show a new light of treatment as a paradigm of complete eradication of dreaded diseases.

This will be of a great benefit for the ailing humanity at large.

The discussion on the treatment through Surah-e-Rehman should not be misinterpreted as an alternative to the established medical practices. Be very clear that the rationale of this mode of treatment is, as being practiced at various hospitals, an additional endeavor to treat critically ill patients. It could or should be adopted as an adjuvant treatment.


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