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Today is 12 Rabi ul Awal. This day is associated with our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and therefore carries huge significance and reverence for Muslims around the world.

Special celebration arrangements are made across Pakistan. The passion and fervor of devotees is inspiring and contagious.

This is a defining moment for Muslims. In the name of so-called ‘Freedom of Expression’ the opponents of Islam have gathered together and testing the tolerance of Muslims by insisting on showing blasphemous sketches of our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Other activities also keep going on unabated.

The West has been a flagbearer of individual and societal freedom for many years; since they became civilized. What does it mean?

During my rather extensive travels, I have found that the average American, European, African, or Asian is naïve, noble and good at heart. In resourceful countries, people are easily moved by the plight of people at home and abroad. They also try to contribute by donating money, lighting candles and showing solidarity in some other ways. In less resourceful countries, people are moved even more, but cannot support by contributing or spending money. The masses everywhere are courteous and caring. The events of callousness are usually isolated and individual. The governments, even those that appear to have been elected democratically, do not represent people’s will and aspirations; they pursue their own agendas which are mostly motivated by hegemony, expansionism and Prejudice. For this purpose, they would go to any nefarious length.

Freedom of Expression is neither new nor wrong. However, the standard is that ‘your freedom ends where my freedom starts’. This is the way to ensure that no one steps onto the other person’s territory.

What is being dished out under the guise of Freedom of Expression is an organized effort to denigrate Islam and Muslims.

Muslim community has deteriorated to the most pathetic levels. The situation is the same across all Muslim countries. The governments, even those that appear to have been elected democratically, do not represent people’s will and aspirations; they pursue their own agendas which are mostly motivated by greed, nepotism and desire to continue their rule. We, the masses, are suffering on one or the other pretext.

France or Denmark are the façade for the severely hostile sentiment against Muslims. The hostility has a long background spread over several centuries. India joins hands with them for the same reasons.

What should we do? In one word, we should ‘Resist’.

Resistance is necessary to protect our own space, and our freedom to do what we need to do.

Resistance is among the noblest things and has been done by nations and individuals across history. Resistance has broken the biggest barriers which could not be breached with fighting.

Resistance is Defense; it is not offense. Resistance sustains over prolonged periods while offense loses steam quickly.

Resistance is always used by those who are on the right and are unduly oppressed; offense is done by oppressors.

Resistance is what we need now; long, sustained, unbreakable, united resistance against all those who are trying to usurp our freedom in the name of freedom of expression.

Please understand that one or two rallies here and there, heated talks on TV for a few days and other such activities and hyperactivities shall achieve limited or no results. You may do it all the same if you so like. But do remember, this is not enough.

Resistance brings damage in multiple, insidious ways. The greatest damage these days is economic.

Next to Resistance is Collaborative Work to Promote Our Cause. Both should be employed at the same time.


Allah is Benevolent and Just and Helps Those Who Help Themselves.


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