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Chapter 2 – Thinking Hard

Jamil had some hard thinking going on in his mind. He was trying to tackle many questions.

“Should I drop the idea of becoming an accountant? What about my education? I did B.Com for this reason, if I do some other work my degree would go waste. Medical rep is unknown field to me; will I get a job as medical rep? I don’t know the ABC of this work; how will I work? Does this job suit me? Suit my personality? My thinking about life? If at all I get this job, will I be successful? Anwar talked about earning extra money by achieving target; what is a target? How can I achieve the target when I know nothing? Does it mean I shall never be able to earn more money? Will this job really pay me more than what I shall get as accountant? What about future? Accountant becomes more experienced with time and gets more salary; what happens to medical reps after 5 years, 10 years? If I work in office I can keep working even when I am old; what will happen if I become medical rep?”

These and many other questions bugged Jamil. He could see that the medical rep job will pay better than assistant accountant job. He could support his family better if he earned more money. He would work hard and try to earn more and support more.

He decided to talk to his parents. When his father came back from office, he sat with him and mother and narrated briefly what Anwar had told him. His mother and father both were silent. Then his father said “I don’t know about medical rep work. Looks like a salesman job from what you tell. No one in our family has done this work before. I recall that the son of someone I knew started working as medical rep, but I don’t know what happened to him. I know accounts and I can only tell you about it. Accounts is important work. Every company needs accountant. It is safe work; no harm comes to you as long as you keep following instructions. It is peaceful; you sit in the office and don’t have to run around in sun or rain. But times are changing. Look, when I started, there were no computers, but now all work in done on computers. Our office now has an IT department which only handles computers; no other work. Apparently, they do very little, but they get good salaries and they are close to the management. While I would feel more comfortable with your working in accounts, I still say that you should review medical rep job more closely and then choose what is better for you. Our support and prayers are always with you”. “Yes beta, I pray for you all the time. You are our first-borne and part of our heart. Allah will bless you and make you very successful in whatever work you do, Insha Allah”. Jamil’s mother lovingly consoled him.

Jamil felt encouraged with this discussion. He thought it would be better to understand more about the work a medical rep does. He will be better able to decide then.

Jamil contacted Anwar and asked him to take out some time and meet him. Anwar promised he would come on the weekend……

To be Continued……

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