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We take a break from the ‘Story of a Pharma Salesperson’ and move on to other topics. We shall return to it again later.

Year 2020 is finally going out with all the mixed feelings. It has been an unprecedented year in many respects.

When I try to write a farewell to 2020, I get stuck. What should I write really?

Is there anything other than COVID, we could talk about? Is it the only topic left in the world? Apparently, no.

The year 2020 started on a usual, happy note in Pakistan. We had heard about virus in Wuhan, but we did not think it would come here. Or if at all it came, it would not be as bad here. We had an upbeat feeling about the whole thing.

As it happened, COVID locked us down also, although we were still better off as compared to many other countries. No one knows the reason(s), but there were many theories. The second wave has also hit us; the second variant has also just been reported.

The most prominent feature has been UNCERTAINTY. It prevailed from the beginning to the end. The entire year has been a long, grey stretch which remained unclear and is still the same.

Despite all these issues, we must bid farewell to 2020.

Farewell – Year of Pandemic which changed the whole world

Farewell – Year of lost hopes

Farewell – Year of unaccomplished plans

Farewell – Year of unprecedented losses by many

Farewell – Year of Unbelievable profits by some

Farewell – Year of lack of education

Farewell – Year of Ignorance

Farewell – Year of conspiracy theories

Farewell – Year of gossips

Farewell – Year of rumors

Farewell – Year of fear

Farewell – Year of anxiety

Farewell – Year of depression

Farewell – Year of increasing poverty

Farewell – Year of increasing domestic violence

Farewell – Year of broken relations

Farewell – Year of unrest

Farewell – Year of lost loved ones

Farewell – Year of grief and despair

Farewell – Year of Resilience

Farewell – Year of Hope

Farewell – Year of Support to each other

Farewell – Year of Community Sharing

Farewell 2020 – To make space for the New Year 2021


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