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We take a break from the ‘Story of a Pharma Salesperson’ and move on to other topics. We shall return to it again later.

Year 2021 is here. We Welcome the New Year with Warm Heart and Open Arms.

I offer Prayers and wishes to you and your families and your loved ones and your dear ones and your near ones and your acquaintances. May this year be Kind and Soothing and Healing for all of us.

We do have a lot of expectations from 2021 particularly. We are desperate to see the back of 2020. Our expectations may not matter much, yet be materialized all the same.

Making ‘Resolutions’ is a favorite activity around the new year. Some do it formally by writing and even framing ‘New Year Resolutions’ so that they could refer to them periodically. Others just think and keep in mind; and yet some others do not believe in any such thing. Please be who you are and let the new year roll in gracefully.

Here are some suggestions for the year 2021 and beyond also.

Grow Your Self – Personal Growth has several dimensions, and all of these may be considered. The first on the list however should be Self Development. We are imperfect people inherently and the space for personal development always remains. Education, Knowledge, Achievement, Wisdom and Spirituality are some areas for working on. Our Aim is not Perfection, but gradually reducing Imperfection. Education must continue beyond university and college. Pursuit of knowledge is among the noblest of quests. Achievement brings Satisfaction, Confidence and Ease in life. Wisdom is the essence of all learnings; formal and informal. Spirituality is the ultimate tool to reach Self Actualization, as described in the Maslow’s Hierarchy. Personal Growth is number #1 area to be pursued.

Grow Your Relations – Who are we if we do not have relations? Relations support us, nurture us, nourish us and help us to grow ourselves. Relations are the garden which grows beautiful flowers and lovely fragrances. Relations cannot be taken for granted; these should be handled with Utmost Care, Affection, Softness, Warmth, Understanding, Generosity, Patience and Tenderness. We are finally defined by our relations. We are lucky to live with relations and lucky to die surrounded by them. Year 2021 needs a much higher dose of relations as compared to previous years. The Great Stress of 2020 has left everyone bruised. While we look for solace coming from others, we may as well take initiative in taking the first step. Two-way communication starts flowing either way.

Grow Your Influence – Please do not take it as a selfish pursuit; It may be a totally non-selfish thing to do. It depends upon why we grow our influence. We must grow our influence to get our voices heard, to approach others and to open doors for those who may be unable to do so. Growing Influence is the next in logical sequence after Growing Self and Growing Relations. The world is moving fast; too fast for many. Entire societies have been divided into various layers, one above the other. The top layer is moving much faster than the layers beneath; the last at the bottom barely moving. It is not about money, it is more about technology, skills, knowledge, innovation and adaptability to innovation. Our people are particularly ignorant about a lot of developments in the world. As we grow our influence, we can be of use to more and more people.

It is not my intent to build a to-do list for 2021. I am not even a proponent of it. I believe the quest for betterment must be a continuous thread in life, as long as there is life.

Years are neither to be mourned when they go out, nor celebrated when they come in. They are milestones that divide a rather long path. It is like traveling long distance where we feel lost if there are no milestones or signs. Years keep us on track during our life journey.

Prayers and Wishes are independent of a specific time; these are for all times.


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