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We look at some more happenings around the world which should be of concern to all.

Several countries are being devastated every day due to wars, conflicts, insurgencies, oppression, economic crisis, and health emergencies. Whole cities and generations have been destroyed. The world looks on because they are the ones who have created it and who continue it for their ulterior benefits.

People try to survive even under toughest conditions. They live as refugees, they lose lives on the way to better countries, and the apathy continues.

Syria, the land where history was born, and where almost all prophets came, is now in ruins. Damascus had Umayyad’s Mosque which was 1300 years old and had the grave of Prophet Yahya inside had also been damaged.

Iraq was ruined for ISIS, who laid waste in Syria also. Iraq is also the land of history and places of religious importance. Mosul, a large city in Iraq, was taken over by ISIS in 2014 and it was retrieved back in 2021, but the city had been largely destroyed by them.

Lebanon was already suffering from economic crisis which was worsened by the huge blast at the seaport. The land of utmost beauty is in extreme turmoil.

Palestine woes keep increasing with every passing day. Israel increases the torture, abuse, expansion, and oppression every day.

We are living in a world which is partial and discriminatory. Those who have power, display it unabashedly without regard to any human consideration. The humans are not treated as humans, they are given space according to where they come from, where they belong, and ehat they possess.


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