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Lastly, we look the less privileged people, while greet the new year from the warmth, coziness, and affluence of our homes. North America and Europe represent the smallest percentage of the world’s population, and Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa represent the largest, after we take out the two most populous countries; China, and India.

While the wealthiest countries account for only 20% of the world population, they consume approximately 86% of the world’s resources. Another statistic is that 7% population consumes 70% resources. At the same time, the poorest 20% consume a mere 1.3% of resources.

Africa, the continent of beauty and natural resources is among the most impoverished, its wealth looted everyday by the so-called champions of human rights.

The images are enough to show the plight of unprivileged, undeveloped people. Beauty, Poverty, Lack of Resources, Misery, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers.


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