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Generation Z are the people who are borne between 1997 and 2012, give or take couple of years. This is the most tech savvy generation because they grew up in the age of technology. They are very familiar and comfortable with gadgets and love to use these. Some of the Gen Z have already come into workforce and others are at stages of education where they need to decide about their career choices.

Lot of research is being done on how and why Gen Z is different from Gen X, Y, but it would be subject of a separate post. Presently, I would like to offer some career choices.

As mentioned earlier, this is the most tech-oriented generation yet, therefore, many of the choices shall be around technology. These are other than the age-old professions like medicine, engineering, accounting etc.

Each one of the options given below can be described in greater detail, but it would be unnecessary here. These should be taken as pointers to be expanded by those who choose to go for one or more of these.

Technology Industry

We can start from software engineering. While the coding languages are few, millions of softwares have been written and are constantly being written. Software engineering is a degree program offered by several universities where they claim to teach coding languages for software development. Quality of teaching besides, but ultimately the students have to become expert in their area of choice through their own effort. Software engineering opens many avenues for young people at home and abroad.

The greatest application of software engineering is in the field of AI – Artificial Intelligence, and ML – Machine Learning. We shall discuss these separately.

Data Sciences has gained very high importance with the availability of big data, data analytics, and analytics-driven decisions. There is acute deficit of data scientists versus high demand worldwide. Some universities have started offering degree courses in data sciences, but many more are needed.

Web development is not new, but it will never grow outdated. Websites shall always be developed, updated, and redone. Web development has become easier due to massive use of WordPress®, but it is still a pro job. There is severe shortage of good developers in Pakistan. Small time developers lack understanding and aesthetics, and in addition do not follow timelines.

Graphic designers are in demand as every organization needs them one way or the other. Logos, product packs, other packaging components, promotional materials, brochures, banners, streamers, and so on. Graphic designers are generally overwhelmed with work, and good ones are hard to get hold of.

You must have seen large advertising screens on the roads, and small rectangle screens on electric poles, blaring advertisements in bright, lively colors. These are called SMD – Surface Mounted Device screens. They offer several advantages such as unlimited size option, attractive broadcasts live, and greater energy efficiency. Most of the meetings, conventions, gatherings are now using SMD screens rather than the conventional ones. Technical staff is required to mount, program, and run the SMDs.

More businesses are turning to social media for greater reach and influence. They would be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Media manager is the opportunity which has been created in this process. Larger organizations are hiring full time social media managers, while the smaller ones are using contractual people who may work for several clients at the same time. Media managers decide the best use of resources, choose content, and plan when to post content.

Going on web and remaining present on digital media requires content creation, because the same things cannot be posted again and again. Content Creator is another role which has come up very fast. In Pakistan, I see many young girls taking it up as it allows them to work from home, and in flexible times. It is a worldwide role required by all in many forms. Some of the prolific people get content created on payment for them and they post it by their name.

Content Creation has not displaced Copywriting, which is still in high demand. The promotional campaigns are based on a concept and its rendering into captions, taglines, dialogues etc. These are the areas of copywriting. Mostly copywriters work with the creative team who develops the concept, while copywriter supplies the text to go with it. It is a highly creative job because the text must be original and able to attract attention. Copywriting was never a technical job, but since the very recent advent of ChatGPT, technology is helping to write good copies. We shall also take it up separately.

Network Administrators can be seen in all offices where multiple people are working on their computers. The network administrators build the network and ensure its smooth running; troubleshooting is needed every day. CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Administrator is a common and popular certification in this area.

Database Administrators are extremely important in organizations who deal with large amount of data which remains in constant use. For example, NADRA – National Database & Registration Authority – has a huge database which must remain accessible to an equally huge number of clients. Biometric verification is among the biggest use of NADRA database. The database administrator shall be responsible for integrity and accessibility of data.

Marketing has gone largely digital, as it is more economical and much more effective. Graphics, voiceovers, backgrounds, music additions, special effects, all can be generated through technology. Technical people are required to create digital promotional material, which then can be posted by the Media Managers. This is a high demand area where creative, consistent people will shine rapidly.

Video Games are big business already. At 180 billion USD, it is bigger than movie industry, and the profit from sports. It is estimated that this industry may reach $300 billion by 2025. Besides big names, lots of small games are developed and sold on the internet. In Pakistan, many people are already developing video games and selling these for reasonable money. Some work on part of a big game being developed by a big name. If an unknown game suddenly becomes popular, it may well be acquired by a big name at a big price.

To be Continued……

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