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Gallup, the famous US company has released its state-of-workplace-report-2022. Gallup is better known for polls and surveys; what is less known is that it is also a consulting company with a big reputation. Gallup also pioneered the concept of Strengths and is updating it regularly.

Quality of life is determined by stress which this report measures on four counts.

Daily Worry – Global 40%

LATAM and Caribbean is on top with 53%, closely followed by South Asia at 49%. The global figure is already higher and has risen again presumably due to COVID which led to 1.9 million deaths in 2020 and 3.5 million deaths in 2021.

US and Canada are also reporting high at 41%. MENA at 40%, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Europe at 37%, Sub-Saharan Africa and ANZ both at 36%.

The least daily worry is being reported from CIS region, 22%. It is surprisingly low. Certain other parameters also show similar reading. I had had the opportunity to travel to four out of six states, and I understand they are not too comfortable in life. There must be something which is keeping them relatively worry-free, which we do not get from the report.

Daily Stress – Global 44%

East Asia, US/Canada, and LATAM/ Caribbean report higher stress than global average; 55% and 50%. For North America, it may come as a surprise because they are stronger in other areas. Most deaths due to COVID were reported from the US, and the fear of death along with uncertainty about future may be contributing to higher stress level.

ANZ reports 47%, and MENA 45%. The less developed regions report lower stress levels.

The lowest stress level, like worry is also reported from CIS region, only 19%, way below global average.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia 39%, 35% and 31% people reported experiencing stress ‘a lot of the day’. Our numbers may be lower because we are more prone to be fatalistic and seek refuge in belief systems and religion.

Daily Anger – Global 21%

South Asians are more emotional and therefore the highest number of people – 34% – reported feeling anger a lot of the day. We are closely followed by the MENA region at 32%.

Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia are next at 22% and 20% respectively, considerably lower.

Europe, US/Canada, and East Asia are close by at 19%, 18% and 17% respectively. This reporting is understandable considering the usual level of patience generally.

The lowest comes again from CIS region, 12% only, while ANZ is 14%. For CIS, it makes more sense now because they are cool on all parameters of daily problems.

Daily Sadness – Global 23%

It is good to see sadness included in these parameters because most of the time sadness is innate, due to personal orientation, and not related to specific events.

South Asia is at the top, 42%. We also belong to South Asia and can vouch for our proneness to sadness. Sad music is hugely popular, and sadness is considered almost a virtue. MENA is next but with a margin – 30%.

LATAM/Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, US/ Canada, Europe, and ANZ are in the range of 20%.

East Asia beats CIS to come at the lowest with 12% people reporting sadness; CIS is at 17%.

Environmental – Satisfied with efforts to preserve the environment – Global 61%

Environment is a hot topic and is part of the workplace consideration. The results are surprising apparently. When we listen to Greta Thunberg, it seems no government is doing anything to preserve environment. The percentage of people satisfied with efforts is fairly high in this survey.

At the top is East Asia with 81%, closely followed by South Asia at 75%. We do know that China, Korea and Japan are putting up serious efforts for environment, but the same cannot be said about India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Having said that, Gallup is a responsible and respectable organization and does not publish information without confirmation.

Southeast Asia is next at 68%, MENA region at 50%, ANZ at 45%, Europe at 44%, US/Canada at 43%, and CIS region at 35%. The lowest percentage – 30% is in LATAM/Caribbean region.

I shall close the post here. Shall take up the last five indicators in the next post and conclude the topic.

To be Continued……

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