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Gallup, the famous US company has released its state-of-workplace-report-2022. Gallup is better known for polls and surveys; what is less known is that it is also a consulting company with a big reputation. Gallup also pioneered the concept of Strengths and is updating it regularly.

The next five parameters are reported below followed by discussion on our region in more detail.

Social – Not treated with respect all day yesterday – Global 11%

It is an important measure to see the life environment. South Asia reports highest percentage at 19%; CIS region reports lowest percentage at 6%. It shows that more people in our region are not respected well.

Next to us is the Sub-Saharan Africa at 16% followed by MENA region at 12%, US/Canada and East Asia at 10% each.

Southeast Asia, ANZ, LATAM/Caribbean are at 7% each.

Respect is a crucial element and affects quality of life significantly.

Governance – Widespread corruption in businesses – Global 74%

Finally, we have an area where CIS region reports the highest occurrence – 84%. It is closely followed by Sub-Saharan Africa at 83%, Southeast Asia 82%, and South Asia 81%.

ANZ are reporting the lowest incidence at 38% which is significantly lower than the global average and all other countries.

Developed countries are also reporting high incidence of corruption. US/Canada at 63%, Europe 60% and East Asia 66%.

LATAM/Caribbean are expectedly high at 78%, while MENA is at 76%.

Good time to find a job – Global 45%

Apparently, the global figure is encouraging but there is a big gap between the highest – US/Canada at 71%, and the lowest – East Asia at 27%. US/Canada have liberally devoted resources to create new jobs, and it shows.

ANZ is next from top at 59%, South Asia at 50% surprisingly, followed by Sub-Saharan Africa at 46%, and Europe at 44%.

LATAM/Caribbean, Southeast Asia, CIS, and MENA regions are at 41%, 40%, 35% and 28% respectively.

Likely to move to another city – Global 20%

It has become more difficult to relocate after COVID and its aftershocks.

People in Sub-Saharan Africa are at the top; 40% say they are likely to move to another city. The least number is from CIS region at 11%. People in ANZ and Europe are also less likely to move, at 14%. Other regions are in the middle which is in the range of 20s.

It means that the possibility of relocation is quite low. The people would like to stay put where they are.

Living Comfortably on Household Income – Global 22%

The disparity is clear and obvious.

Australia and New Zealand do the best as 55% people are living comfortably on present household income. On the other end of the spectrum is Sub-Saharan Africa at 10%.

US/ Canada reports 51% living comfortably, and Europe 42%. Then there is a steep slide, CIS is 28% and LATAM/Caribbean is 20%.

Asia is further down the slide: Southeast Asia/ South Asia is at 15% each, while East Asia is 13%.

Majority of the world is reporting that fewer and fewer people are able to live comfortably with their present level of income.

South Asia – Regional Findings and Change from Previous Year

  • Employee Engagement           27%     +9%
  • Thriving                                  11%     -5%
  • Daily Worry                            49%     +3%
  • Daily Stress                             35%     +4%
  • Daily Anger                            34%     -2%
  • Daily Sadness                         42%     +5%
  • Satisfied with Env. Effort       75%     -3%
  • Treated with Disrespect          19%     +3%
  • Corruption                              81%     0%
  • Job Market                              50%     -5%
  • Relocation Potential               26%     +5%
  • Comfort with HH Income       15%     new indicator

Pakistan – Current Findings, Regional Ranking, and Change from Previous Year

The region comprises of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

            INDICATOR             FINDING       CHANGE      REG. RANKING

  • Employee Engagement           13%                 +3%                5 of 6
  • Thriving                                   11%                 +1%                 5 of 6
  • Daily Worry                             43%                 -2%                 4 of 6
  • Daily Stress                              30%                 -3%                 5 of 6
  • Daily Anger                             37%                 -3%                 2 of 6
  • Daily Sadness                         34%                   0%                 3 of 6
  • Satisfied with Env. Effort       43%                 +2%                5 of 6
  • Treated with Disrespect          11%                 -1%                 4 0f 6
  • Corruption                              NA
  • Job Market                              21%                 -3%                 5 of 6
  • Relocation Potential               21%                 +2%                4 of 6
  • Comfort with HH Income       NA

Overall, Pakistan is mostly at the lowest rank, considering that the data for Afghanistan has not been included due to non-availability.

This is a matter of serious concern for us because we suffer it every day. The policy makers and the government must look into these reports and take corrective measures.


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